How to Choose a Profitable Niche (to Make +5300$ a Month)

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How to Choose a Profitable Niche is the First Step you Need to Take it Before Starting your Blog, in this post I will Show you how to do this to Reach 5300$ a Month and More.

So, How to Pick the Right Niche for My New Blog?

It is the question that new bloggers face when they want to create their Blogs, how to find a profitable niche that will enable them to Profit from the Internet .

Of course, you have the right to write about anything you want, its your Blog. So, why should you find a profitable niche in 2022?

Simply, because you want to make money from your Blog, right ?

We will shorten the way for you and we will show you how to find the profitable niche that will bring you an income online, in short, while you complete this Post etc., you will be able to find it, and if you succeed in that, you will have taken steps An important step forward and you can Start your Blog .

But, before we start.

What is a niche?

Blogging is basically the topics that you will write about on our website.

However, there is a huge mistake that new bloggers make when they want to write an articles within their blog.

They write about anything that comes to their mind.

This is a big mistake!

For example, today you start writing about health and fitness, tomorrow you write about politics.

Moment !

Suddenly I moved to blogging about cooking.

What is this mess?

All you do now is spoil your blog and delude yourself that you are building a business online.

And finally, the famous saying goes:

Profit from the Internet is a lie! 😂

The best thing you can do to succeed in blogging is to choose the right niche and stick to it.

niche is the specialty of your Blog, meaning that you will write articles in a specialized field only.

You can write about just about anything, but you shouldn’t write about everything that comes to your mind.

So, why should I choose a specific niche ?

That is, because your readers are not interested in all the topics you are going to write about.

Usually everyone has two main topics they are interested in.

For example, Me in blog write topics related to Blogging for Money , Profit from the Internet … and therefore here we target people who are interested in e-marketing and working online in general.

Imagine with me that you entered our Blog and found articles on politics and others on football…

Are you really going to return to our site knowing that your interest is to work online?

Therefore, choosing the appropriate niche is one of the important things that you must focus on for the success of your Blog.

This question may come to your mind:

If you wrote in one subject only ” Niche ” and i found my audience interested in one, while if I wrote several topics will be a greater chance for me to attract fans in various interests. By choosing only one niche , don’t we limit our capabilities?

Indeed, there are many people who do this and they have succeeded and made good profits.

but !

You should know that they have a team of writers and journalists, each writer has experience in a particular field.

Are you able to do that, is your budget enough to employ many Bloggers with you as a beginner and you do not have any prior experience?

Are you able to pay them money?

of course not .

For this you must choose a specific niche .

How easy it is to become an expert in a particular field when you narrow your field of expertise, but can you really be an expert in several areas and write in them?

If your answer is yes, then you are an extraordinary person, then I really congratulate you.

How to choose the niche:

While you asked me what is the only thing in common between the blogs that make a lot of money from their site, I will answer you simply is to choose the profitable niche .

It’s the key to profitable blogging to create a money making blog online.

After choosing it, all you have to do is target the right audience, build a relationship with them and those who have been marketing a product that solves their problems.

Watch your profits increase!

You may be wondering how to choose the profitable niche in 2022.

I am here to guide you to choose it.

are you ready ? Let’s get started .

1. Choose the topics you are interested in:

While you are starting a blog, it is all about your knowledge and skill and how you will share it with your audience. You really have to be enthusiastic and interested in what you are going to write about.

While you don’t choose to, you will end up like other bloggers who leave their blogs after weeks of working on it.

While you are passionate about what you are going to write about, you will find that it is fun and you will not consider it a really boring job.

Be passionate about your work, it will be fun .

It is true that blogging is not a scheme to get rich quick, it is true that it takes a great effort, especially in the first year, but then it will become a wonderful source of profit.

Nothing you care about will make you money!

We must balance passion and knowledge for profit.

We are here to make money and not just to blog about something we love, we want to grind $ huh.

2. Choose only one interest:

Now that you know what you’re passionate about, it’s time to brainstorm some ideas about your passion.

The goal of this stage is to find a list of blogging ideas about your niche . In fact, there are only two ways you can do it. Choose the method that you think is really effective for you.

The first method is the traditional method. You can check the articles and newspapers that you visit frequently, or the trade sites from which you buy products online.

You can also ask your friends the question, it is one of the good ways to brainstorm.

On the other hand, there is the easiest way, which is the way that I prefer.

We will use some electronic tools that will help us and facilitate our work, it is the Wordstream tool. The latter enables you to do 30 free searches for ideas, which is quite enough for you.

You can use it by clicking here .

All you have to do is write the topics that interest you, and the tool will suggest ideas for you.

For example, if you are interested in the field of photography, we will write the word “photography” and it will suggest to us the tool a set of ready-made niches and ideas. You can choose what suits your aspirations.

How to Choose a Profitable Niche (to Make +5300$ a Month)


It is not over yet, we will move on to the next stage.

3. Keyword research is the key to choosing a profitable niche:

In the previous steps, we learned how to raise ideas and interests about blogging. we still need an important thing, which is to search for the keywords that you will target on our site.

A keyword is a word that visitors use to search Google, for example, for anything they want.

Our turn now is to find the right and profitable keywords that will bring visitors to your site.

But how will we find that?

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you that.

By searching for keywords, you can know three important things:

Search rate around your niche .

How profitable are those keywords?

What is the degree of difficulty of ranking in this keyword (appearing in the first results).

Imagine with me if you were able to get a keyword with a good search rate, easy to compete and rank in search engines, and most importantly, profitable ( CPC ).

That would be great, wouldn’t it?

Many people avoid keyword research when starting their blogs and this is a big mistake.

It is one of the important things that you should focus on in order to choose the appropriate and profitable niche.

But, how do you choose keywords?

Don’t worry even if you are a newbie and don’t know anything about how to search for it.

You are in and we are here to help you and all Bloggers.

One of the most popular programs that enables you to search for keywords is the Google keyword planner .

but !

Unfortunately, the program has not become free (originally it is intended for advertisers) and you have to link your credit card to take advantage of it, and Google is deleting new accounts.

But, don’t worry .

Indeed, there are a number of alternatives that we can use such as Semrush, Kwfinder …

It is true that these programs are paid, but you can create a free account (and if it does not have all the features), it is very enough.

How to Choose a Profitable Niche (to Make +5300$ a Month)

Once you start typing the keyword, Semrush will suggest you some links and keywords, then you have to click on Start now.

Where a page will pop up for you with all the details about the keyword.

How to Choose a Profitable Niche (to Make +5300$ a Month)

You can also filter keywords by search volume, difficulty of competition…

How to Choose a Profitable Niche (to Make +5300$ a Month)

You can also reduce the difficulty of the keyword, increase the click rate, according to what you want.

The famous saying goes,

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

So we need to verify this information, so we will use the kwfinder tool.

After that, we will type the keyword that you are targeting, and then we will click on Find Keywords.

How to Choose a Profitable Niche (to Make +5300$ a Month)

Like the previous tool, you can filter keywords and choose what suits you (average search rate with easy competition).

How to choose the niche:

1. How profitable is the niche you have chosen:

When it comes to how to choose a niche  in order to profit from Google Adsense, it is easy, all you have to do is find out whether the search rate is good as well as the keyword prices. But, what if the goal of creating our website is to profit from affiliate marketing ( promotion of products ).

Here things are different.

Here you must ask yourself this question, are there really products that can be promoted and made money through them?

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But, how do I know if there are products that I can market in my niche?

No, worry, it’s very simple.

In the first way, we will use Google by writing the following: niche + affiliate program.

How to Choose a Profitable Niche (to Make +5300$ a Month)

As you can see, we have found a group of affiliate marketing programs that we can join and promote their products on our blog.

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You can also use the Amazon site and search within the search box for the niche and check if there are products that can be marketed.

For reference only, Amazon also allows you to market its products through the affiliate system, while you are interested, I advise you to read the following article:   Profit from Amazon .

In summary, you can search in affiliate companies for your niche , and for more information, I advise you to read: Affiliate sites 2019 .

2. Analysis of the competition in your niche:

After you have done a set of things starting from choosing the interest to searching for keywords and knowing how profitable this niche is , it is time to analyze the competition in this niche .

Many bloggers may neglect this, but it is a huge mistake.

Don’t fall into it.

Suppose, for example, that you started a technical blog and started writing technology news, in this case you are competing with very large sites that preceded you in the field and have dozens of books.

All you do is waste your time.

Therefore, it is very important that you analyze your competitors before choosing a profitable niche .

He avoided such blogs, and he was very specialized, for example, instead of writing about technology, I would write in one of its branches, for example, on phones only, and in this case I would market to phones and my audience would be very targeted.

How do I know if the competition in my niche?

Simply type the keyword in Google and see who tops, are they really big sites, and is it possible to compete with them?

How do I find easy words to compete with?

It’s very easy, we will return to the Kwfinder tool . After we type the keyword, we will click on the search button.

Difficulty of competition

Next we have to focus on the difficulty field (KD).

The higher that number, the tougher the competition. This is according to the following:

0-9 : There is no competition and you can easily top it.

10-19 : I recommend it, it is easy to compete and can be arranged.

20-29 : It is still easy, and it is possible to arrange it, even if it is not easy.

I don’t want to mention the rest, it’s inappropriate.

3. Verify the niche:

Now everything is ready, and you should be ready to start your successful blogging journey, God willing.

But we still need to verify.

Don’t worry it’s fast.

We will go to Google and see if there are advertisers by typing the niche and searching for it.

keyword ads

As you can see, there are actually some advertisers who pay money, which means that there are actually people who pay money to promote their products.

Here we have found the profitable niche 2019 .

Now it remains for you to ask a few simple questions.

Even if you do everything right, you need to ask these important questions to determine if the niche you have chosen is really the ideal.

1- Can you really continue writing and blogging in it even if you haven’t earned anything for several months?

Remember those who quit blogging and ended up in despair, would you be like them?

The main reason for this was that they were not enthusiastic about what they were doing, they were only focused on profit and they did not consider it a passion.

Unfortunately this is the truth .

Are you really excited to blog on this niche without getting any wages for months?

Remember that continuity is the key to success.

2- Are there references or study materials available related to this niche?

And let’s say you found a golden niche without any competition, you can definitely make thousands of dollars from it, right?

but !

Let’s say you started creating your own content.

shock .

But you are surprised that there are no sites and sources of information that you can use and reformulate ideas, it will be very difficult to write content for the site and this may take a long time, especially if you are not an expert with sufficient experience for this niche.

So, before choosing the niche, check if there are actually sites and information about this area that you can resort to and reformulate their ideas.

Note: This step is not necessary while you are an expert in this field and have the ability to blog without outsourcing.

Can you earn money from this specialized blog?

This is completely different from the question of whether there are products that I market to.

But you must ask this question, do I have enough ability to write a review of the products of this niche that will bring me sales?

While your answer was yes, congratulations to you. You have found a profitable niche that will bring you thousands of dollars, God willing.

Moment !

Not finished yet.

I like this saying “ take action ”.

Do you really want to create your website? Do you really want to start a real project online?

You haven’t made a decision yet!

How long will you keep thinking? till when .

But I don’t know how to create it.

This is not an excuse.

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Not yet convinced .

Anyway, I will help you and I hope you don’t miss this particular offer!

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Here we have finished today’s post, I hope you have made your decision and I hope that you have benefited with us on the topic of how to choose a profitable niche .

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While you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them through the comments ( we answer all ), do not forget to share the post with your interested friends through the buttons below so that everyone can benefit under the slogan No to Monopoly.

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