How to start a blog to make money

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Learn How to Start a WordPress Blog From scratch to Start Blogging and Making Money, You can Earn 3600$ Passive Income With your Blog ”sharing Knowledge and using your Talent.

First I would like to congratulate you, you made the right decision, you are only steps away from building your project online .

Do not worry, we are here to help and we will show you How to create a complete WordPress website step by step with pictures and without prior experience.


Let me tell you that once you finish reading this guide, you will be able to Create a WordPress Blog from scratch, so be sure to read this article etc. It is a treasure trove of information , and there is a surprise waiting for you in this article ( you will not be able to refuse it ), all This you can find on Blog here .

Knowing How to create a website is one of the most important skills that you must master and focus on while you really want to start your online business and Make Money.

Imagine with me that you know How to create a Blog, you will save a lot of money on website developers and designers, you will be able to build most things yourself, you will stay ahead of your competitors and all this without programming experience and in Less than 15 Minutes.

Here’s how to Create your Own Website or Blog for your Online Business, step by step.

Create a WordPress blog:

1 . Choose a WordPress platform:

It is true that there are a range of platforms that allow you to create websites, which you can use. It is called CMS (Content Management Systems).

The goal of these systems is to enable you to modify the content of your site without programming or coding experience.

There are almost 100 systems that allow you to do this.

But !

Fortunately, choosing the right system is very easy, it is without thinking the WordPress platform because it is the best at all.

WordPress is used on more than 34% of the websites on the Internet (that is, every one of the three websites uses WordPress).

You may be wondering, why the WordPress platform is the best?

  • It’s free
  • very fast
  • multi-use (you can build any website in it of any type)
  • security and optimized for search engines.
  • The best platform for building websites.

Note : We are talking about

2. Domain Reservation:

When you want to Create a WordPress Blog , choosing the name of your site ( domain ) may be a fun thing,

You can choose any name that suits you according to the domain of your site (for example, the domain of our site is ).

Anyway, I will try to shorten the way for you, and I will help you choose and reserve a suitable domain. Try to make your domain look like this:

  • Brand : to be unique and known for your site.
  • Easy absorption .
  • Short : Don’t make it too long and it hurts to absorb it.
  • Easy to type : Don’t make visitors type a lot when they search for your site (Example:
  • It should contain the keyword : For example, on our site we are talking about Blogging Tips . Our domain contains the word Blogging.

That might seem difficult? Don’t worry, you can do it this way:

You will head to the domainwheel site , then you will type any keyword related to the domain of your site, and it will suggest a group of ready-made and wonderful domain names for you to Create your WordPress Blog .

How to Start a WordPress Blog

3. Host your Blog on Bluehost:

If you are a beginner, you may be wondering, what is hosting?

In short, it is something no website can live without, it is a place where your visitors sit. If not, visitors cannot sit.

However, do not worry, it is not necessary to understand its meaning, as it is not important. All you have to know is that a site without hosting does not exist.

There are dozens of hosting companies in the world where you can Create your own WordPress Blog , but let’s not complicate it.

We have chosen the best hosting for you, it ‘s Bluehost Company .

Here’s why:

Bluehost has always been ranked among the top 5 best website hosts ever.

It was suggested by WordPress itself, yes the giant WordPress company itself recommends it.

  • Cheap: $60 a year is enough to create your entire website.
  • Easy to use and beginner friendly.
  • It offers you a free domain for a year: Yes, you will not need to buy a domain.

Here is what we will do now to create a Bluehost website:

  1. Go to Bluehost and choose a suitable plan for our site
  2. Register our Domain name (for free).
  3. We will ask Bluehost to install the best version of WordPress.
  4. No We have a ready Bog.

First, click here to go to Bluehost and take advantage of the 50% discount through this link .

Now you have to click on the “choose a plan” button.

While you want to launch a new website as a beginner, I advise you to choose the “basic” plan from shared hosting. They are good for you. You can learn more about the plans by clicking here .

Anyway, while you are a fan of the video explanation, I leave you with this video that explains everything in detail.

But if you are a fan of the written explanation, let us continue explaining how to Buy Hosting and how to create a full WordPress Blog.

So after selecting the BASIC plan, we will click on “select”

How to Start a WordPress Blog

Then we will write the domain name of our site you chose in the box below.

How to Start a WordPress Blog

Then we will fill in our ( real ) information

How to Start a WordPress Blog

Before you finish, you should make sure to uncheck these options, and choose how long you want to reserve your site (I’d recommend 12 months when your budget was low).

How to Start a WordPress Blog

After that, you can choose the payment method, whether with a visa card or PayPal , here we have booked hosting for our WordPress Blog at the lowest possible price.

4. Install WordPress:

Now that we have booked the hosting for our site, what we need is to install WordPress only.

It is true that you can do this manually, but what do you think about ordering Bluehost to do it instead of us and for free!!

No, we will tell you how.

Once you have Registered with bluehost and booked your hosting, you will receive an email from the Bluehost staff telling you some details and how to log in to your account.

Once you log in, Bluehost will display a page that will take you to the WordPress installation process.

Or you can easily go to the “my site” section and click on “ create a website ”

How to Start a WordPress Blog

Now, all you have to do in order to install WordPress is to set the name of your site, a username and suggest a password that you want (remember it well because we will need it while logging in to our Blog), once you are done, your site will be installed.

It is ready to work , do not worry, it is very simple and there is no need to complicate things.

How to create a full WordPress website:

Now let’s get to know the WordPress user interface in detail, and learn how to create an entire website.

First thing we have to do is log in to our user panel.

but how is that ?

Don’t worry it’s very easy.

You will go to the following link:

Of course you will compensate the word yourdomain on behalf of your domain ( domain ), for example

This is what you will see

How to Start a WordPress Blog

You will enter your data (the username and password you chose during the installation of WordPress).

After logging in, another page will pop up for you, which is the WordPress interface.

How to Start a WordPress Blog

1- Welcome message : One of the important places in your WordPress dashboard, it has shortcuts for how to create your website.

2- The current status of your site and what is happening in it.

3- Articles : dedicated to publishing articles.

4- Media : managing images and other media.

5- Pages : dedicated to creating pages.

6- Comments : A place to see your blog’s comments.

7- Appearance : You can change the design of your site and modify it as you wish.

8- Additions : a place to download additions to your site.

9- Members : Manage user and administrator accounts within your site.

10- Settings : your Blog settings.

Note: You can change the WordPress language by clicking on the settings, choosing your language, and then clicking on Save.

What do you think now that we adjust after the settings of your site, which will help you a lot in creating a WordPress blog .

Configure WordPress blog settings:

First we must adjust the settings of the permalinks.

Do not worry, it is simple than you imagine, you only need to follow with me the step of what I do and apply it in your WordPress site.

The role of permalinks is to determine how links to articles and pages of your site appear. For example, we are building a contact us page on our site. It should be as follows:

To set this, we must go to “settings” and press permalinks.

And then mark the option in the picture.

How to Start a WordPress Blog

Moment !

You want visitors from Google to come to your site, right?

At least we must make our site public, by going to the settings and then clicking on reading.

Make sure to uncheck that box if it’s marked.

How to Start a WordPress Blog

Now we need a title for our site and a logo for it, right?

Then we will go to the settings again, and we will set the title and logo.

do not rush ! We are still missing a few things:

Do you want to allow comments within your site, or not?

Allowing your visitors to leave a comment and express their opinion can be great (just like we do, so if you have any questions we’d be happy to help you).

It is up to you. You can allow it first by going to the settings and pressing the discussion button. You can choose what you want.

How to Start a WordPress Blog

Do not worry, give us a simple step, which is to specify your time zone (clock).

After going to Settings, click on General and set your time zone.

Choose and install the Blog Theme:

The nice thing is that while creating a WordPress blog and using this platform, you are able to control the look of your site in a wonderful way and modify it with the click of a button.

So that you can choose any WordPress template you want ( called themes ) and change it over and over again, and all this with the click of a button.

What a wonderful WordPress Blog!

Now you need to choose a theme you like and think that it will be in line with the field of your site.

There are hundreds of beautiful and elegant WordPress templates that you can use for free on your site, which are provided to you by the platform itself. You can view them by clicking here .

There are also a group of sites specialized in this matter that provide you with the best templates, such as Template Monster

Creating a blog on WordPress with a premium Theme gives your site prestige and reflects the personality of the owner of the blog.
Also, the Theme is considered part of the investment in your blog, and in order to ensure that you get the Theme that suits you, we suggest you the
Click on the image above to view the hundreds of templates they provide for bloggers and freelancers like you.

Your role now is to choose a template that you see fit for your site and its field (don’t worry, you can change it whenever you want).

Moment !

Did you do everything in this guide step by step?

I congratulate you, you are on the right path, I love people who are religious and take action . Don’t just read.

Now that we have chosen the Theme, we will upload it to our website.

It’s easy, don’t worry.

Here’s how to install your theme:

We will go to the “Appearance” theme and click on add new.

How to Start a WordPress Blog

In the search box, you will type the name of the template you chose.

How to Start a WordPress Blog

Now that the template is displayed, all you have to do is click on the “install” button.

How to Start a WordPress Blog

After only seconds, you will notice that the template has been downloaded, you only need to activate it by pressing the activate button.

Now, you will see the main template panel through which we learn about the appearance, and expand the features…

What do you think you should do now?

First we will click on Recommended action to see what is available.

How to Start a WordPress Blog

Among the things he suggests to us is that we install the Orbit Fox Companion plugin, so we just have to install it (the suggestions vary depending on the template you choose).

How to Start a WordPress Blog

Note: We will talk about plugins later in this guide dedicated to Creating a WordPress blog , do not worry!

Create a wordpress site:

Everything is fine so far, we booked a domain and the Best Hosting , we installed WordPress, we chose a great template suitable for our site, now all we have to do is modify the template.

1 . Modify the WordPress template:

Now your Blog might look really great (you can find out by visiting your site), but we still have to do some minor tweaks to make it even better.

Let us start :

First, we will go to the “Appearance” and then click on Customize to modify the Theme. Then a page will pop up, as shown in the image below.

How to Start a WordPress Blog

With this page we can adjust many things.

What do you think we start on the home page?

In the sidebar, we will go to the home page settings.

We will mark the static page option

We click on add new to create a new page (the main interface of the site).

Do not forget to name the page with home and press add new.

How to Start a WordPress Blog

Are you a beginner? Don’t worry, remember that we are in a step-by-step WordPress blog creation guide.

Now we will modify the main page, what do you think that we modify the main title?

A great idea, you can put there your website address, your company or your brand.

To do this, you should click on the pencil icon next to the address.

How to Start a WordPress Blog

When you change, you will see a panel dedicated to the adjustment on the left.

How to Start a WordPress Blog

With it you can:

Modify the background image, the title or remove it, and even the font, and even change the buttons and links that lead to it.

In short, you can change anything you want, any page of your site, without any programming experience.

What a wonderful WordPress Blogs!

What do you think that we get to know some of the pages that are on your site? (Of course you can modify it whenever you want or delete it)

How to Start a WordPress Blog

  • The features page is a great page to let your customers know what you offer within your site and what are the features of your product while providing it.
  • The about page is a great section for talking about your story or website.
  • The contact page is a wonderful section that enables visitors to contact you.

There are many pages that you can delete or edit, depending on your needs.

2. Install Plugins to expand the capabilities of your site:

If the iPhone is nothing without its applications, then WordPress Blog without plugins…

Many features that make your site the best will be lost while you did not care about the plugins.

According to what I heard, there are more than 40,000 plugins that you can install on your site.

But, are you going to install them all?

of course not !

We will choose only the best and suitable.

Here are the best plugins that you can use while creating a WordPress blog:

yoast seo : Helps prepare your site for search engines, thus getting traffic from Google.

Google Analytics : enables you to analyze your website visitors, know the number of visits…

Wordfence Security : You improve the security of your site.

UpdraftPlus : Its role is to protect your site, so that you back up your WordPress site.

Optimole : Its task is to improve images.

wpforms : allows you to add forms to contact you, for example, completely from the contact us form…

but ?

You ask this question, don’t you?

How do I install these plugins to my website?

Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think. All you will need is the name of the extension.

After that, you have to go to your WordPress control panel, and then click on “plugins” and add a new one.

Now all you have to do is type in the name of the extension, after it appears, you will click on install and then click on the “activate” button.

It’s easy! There is no need to complicate things.

3. Add pages to your Blog:

It is very necessary to have on your site some of the pages that are found in any site on the Internet.

The first question, how do I create this page?

Simply go to the WordPress dashboard>> and click on the pages>> and add new>>.

Here’s what you will see.

How to Start a WordPress Blog

I will explain to you, dear, what we mean by each number:

  • 1- The location of the page title
  • 2- The main content of this page
  • 3- Dedicated to add photos and media
  • 4- Switch between normal (handwriting) or visual editing.
  • 5- publish page button
  • 6- Allow comments or not.
  • 7- A special place for the featured image that will be displayed by WordPress.

Once you have finished publishing the content of the page, do not forget to click the publish button.

What do you think if I tell you the most important pages that you have to create? I’m going to shorten the way for you a lot, right?

About page : As we mentioned earlier, it is a really important page. This page is dedicated to telling the story of your site.

Contact us page : With it you can display your contacts (email is enough), as we mentioned earlier, you can do this easily by adding Wpforms .

Privacy Policy page : It tells visitors about their private information and where it is used (very necessary when you depend on Adsense as a profit source).

Note: Do not worry, it is easy, you can go to any site, how you would find these pages, you can modify them and put them inside your site.

4. Create Blog  Page and adjust icons:

We’re almost done, but we still need some steps to create a full WordPress Blog, it’s creating the site’s blog and tuning a few things.

The great thing about WordPress is that you can create a blog for your site, as it provides you with all the blogging tools you need.

First of all, we will create a new page and call it “ blog ”.

Then we will go to the settings and from the “ Reading ” and select the page you created as a publications page.

How to Start a WordPress Blog

Now all we need is to publish posts on our Blog.

So we will click on the Posts and a new Post has been created (from the WordPress admin interface).

The process of creating a post is quite easy to create content for the page (same interface).

Congratulations to us, we are close to Creating our WordPress Blog, it remains for us to prepare menus and icons.

The “ menu ” are the buttons through which the visitor navigates through your site , so we need to modify them.

So we will go to the Appearance and Menus (always from the WordPress Dashboard Settings).

This is what you will see

How to Start a WordPress Blog

As you can notice on the left, there are all the pages that you can add to the list, and on the right you notice the list itself.

The great thing is, that you can control their arrangement, as you choose which pages appear in the list and which not to appear.

You can choose what you want according to your Needs!

For reference only, you can create a new list, name it as you wish, and choose the link that leads to it, by clicking on add new.

Do not forget to save it by clicking on the save button.

When you go to your site you will see that the lists have been added successfully.

You can also do the same for “widgets”, by going to Settings and then clicking on it.

You can modify it as you like.

That’s it, you’ve learned How to Create a WordPress Blog

At the end don’t forget to read this post about Making Money with your Blog

Conclusion :

I hope you are in your full mental strength, because what I am going to offer you now may not be Repeated again .

Yes, you have learned how to create a WordPress blog from scratch, But…

Do you still remember the surprise I promised you in the beginning of the article?

Mm, what if I told you that you would get all this for free?

Here’s what you’ll get ( for a limited time only ).

A complete WordPress site creation course without any programming experience
 for everyone interested in blogging and creating websites, you will learn the basics of WordPress + how to deal with it in a complete training that takes you step by step 

Not only this, but will get my files worth up to 39$ are free include the following:

  • 25 best WordPress templates ( free ) in all fields + download links.
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Yes, all this you will get for free!

But before that, you must tell me about your seriousness (as you know, these gifts are only for serious people who really want to create their site, and build a real project Online).

You may be wondering how do I show you that?

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Is Bluehost Really Good Hosting?

Of course, if not, why would I choose it for you? It is one of the best hosts ever, especially for new sites (isn’t it enough that the giant WordPress company itself recommends it ).

I hope that you have really made your decision, and I also hope that you will not miss this offer, which may not be Repeated Again .

This was our topic that we devoted to How to Create a Full WordPress Blog. if you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments ( we answer everyone ). You can also contact us via Our Official email or through our Facebook page . Also, do not forget to share the article with those interested via the buttons below No to Monopoly.

How to start a blog to Make Money


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